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SEO Dissector  is our website analysis and search engine optimization (SEO) tool. It analyzes website quality and the website’s level of accessibility to various search engines. Customers use SEO Dissector to evaluate website performance, identify defects and make improvements. Customers also evaluate reports of keyword search results on different search engines, enabling them to optimize their websites to improve their organic rankings on search engine results pages. The capabilities of SEO Dissector include:
Accurate website analysis. SEO Dissector provides detailed reports of valid pages, invalid pages, and pages on the website that are hard for search engines to index. The report shows the specific web address of each abnormal web page and provides precise data support for customers to fix their websites or optimize them for effective searching. SEO Dissector also provides statistics of keywords distribution on the website, and analyzes how different sections of the website are indexed by search engines.
Multi-dimensional analysis of keywords ranking. By analyzing massive amounts of keyword searches, SEO Dissector reveals information on the organic search rankings of customer websites, as well as the rankings of their competitors’ sites. SEO Dissector provides search results rankings based on different types of keywords, including overall rankings and changes in rankings, statistical results across different ranking intervals, and provides data for searches conducted on both personal computers and mobile devices.
Rich and intuitive presentation of analysis results. SEO Dissector displays results in many visual formats, such as bar charts, pie charts, trend charts and data reports, enabling customers to quickly identify the pros and cons of their websites and deploy reasonable optimization solutions.
Practical utility tools. SEO Dissector’s utility tools include: a URL index search tool that provides statistics about whether specified URLs are indexed by specific search engines; a social media optimization tool that analyzes customer website performance on search engines, monitors reputation of customer brands, and facilitates customer publications on social networks; and a real-time organic search results monitoring tool.
Flexible customization. SEO Dissector allows our customers, based on their own preferences, budget and strategic focus, to add or customize keyword search term packages, schedule website crawling for immediate or recurring executions and to conduct analysis.
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