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Media Dissector
Media Dissector  is our mass media, social media and user-generated content media monitoring and analytics tool. Media Dissector applies distributed cloud computing crawler technology to capture media information on the internet. It uses Chinese Natural Language Processing technology such as word segmentation, named entity recognition and Chinese information processing technology to process information and provides correlation analysis to enable drill downs for information discovery. The capabilities of Media Dissector include:
Information overview. Media Dissector provides visualized overview of the media information our customers are concerned with, such as the conditions of their products and reputation of their company.
Named entity analysis. By analyzing the named entity from eight different perspectives, Media Dissector helps customers to understand the primary cause of a media event and restore the online dissemination process of public opinion.
Media event analysis. Media Dissector automatically recognizes, collects and aggregates media events from information available on the internet. It analyzes the cause and effect of media events and provides comprehensive online public opinion analysis based on media events.
Media event participant profiling. Without disclosing user personal data, Media Dissector provides profiles of common attributes of participants at a media event, such as gender and geographic location.
Sentiment analysis. Media Dissector automatically identifies subjective information on the internet, determines the overall contextual polarity of such information, extracts the major opinions, discovers sensitive comments and provides evaluations for our customers’ public relations.
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