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Video Dissector
Video Dissector  is our online video content analytics tool for discovering the most valuable or attractive parts in the video content. It provides analysis of viewer behavior and solutions for optimizing the online video content. The capabilities of Video Dissector include:
Online video operation analysis. Video Dissector goes beyond traditional performance indicators and analyzes the performance of online video content by tracking metrics such as effective play count, average play count, average fluency, bounce rate and number of unique viewers. Our customers customize the sorting of this data to help them to evaluate the overall performance of their video content.
Video content evaluation. Video Dissector collects data about the frequency, length and completeness of video plays to analyze the quality of the video content. Using our proprietary CV/CS (Clip Views/Clip Sessions) and frame-by-frame tracking technologies, customers evaluate the most effective parts of the video content and edit the content to make it more appealing to viewers.
Viewer analysis. Video Dissector collects data about viewers’ geographic locations, operating systems and sources. Operators use this data to understand the viewer base and analyze viewer preferences.
Online video performance analysis. Video Dissector collects and analyzes the availability and performance data of online videos, including the rate of successful play, buffering time and bit rate of transmissions. Video website operators use this data to measure the efficiency of content delivery network acceleration and enhance the user experience by improving the streaming efficiency.
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