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SEM Dissector
SEM Dissector  is our analytics tool for search engine marketing (SEM). SEM Dissector automates processes for advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising account managers, while providing more comprehensive, objective and transparent performance reports. SEM Dissector supports simultaneous management of multiple accounts and grouping of customized keywords with major Chinese search engines, including Baidu, Sogou and Qihoo 360. Built-in analytical models guide customers to optimize keyword advertising, and automatic bidding algorithms monitor competitors’ advertising activities and make appropriate bids automatically. It includes extensive keyword support, automatic bidding algorithms and integration with multiple search engines. The capabilities of SEM Dissector include:
Customer data integration and KPI customization. SEM Dissector integrates data from search engine advertising keyword data, such as number of displays, number of clicks and ad spending, with keyword ad performance data, such as page views, length of visit, conversion, sales and the like.
Keyword advertising management. Customers manage multiple keyword accounts on a single integrated platform, which provides comparative analysis of the performance of keyword advertising in different timeframes.
Report customization. Customers use SEM Dissector to customize and generate reports for different keywords and KPI combinations within selected timeframes, and export the reports to Excel format documents.
Automatic advertising placement and bid management. SEM Dissector optimizes advertising results by monitoring target keywords and automatically adjusting bid process according to pre-set target rankings and pricing strategies.
Attribution model. SEM Dissector traces user visit data over the past 12 months and uses built-in attribution models to analyze the performance indicators of the keyword advertising. Customers use these models to allocate weightings on different performance indicators and identify the sources attributable to those indicators.
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