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TV Dissector  is our analytics tool for internet protocol television, internet television, cable television, satellite television and digital television. It monitors and analyzes viewer behavior and provides solutions to optimize the business and operations of TV station operators. TV station operators use TV Dissector to analyze the development and activity of users and viewership of live broadcast, play on-demand and playbacks, generate accurate statistics about the conversion of their electronic program guide pages and advertising activities, and optimize product packages and pay-per-view businesses. The capabilities of TV Dissector include:
Full coverage of TV terminals. TV Dissector covers a wide range of TV terminals, including terminals used for over-the-top content delivery, internet protocol television, cable television, satellite television and terrestrial television. It supports various types of software terminal products such as browsers and mobile applications.
User development and activeness analysis. TV Dissector collects data on user development, such as user installations and removals, and net user growth, and provides user development analysis based on the timeframe and geographic distribution of the users. It also analyzes user activity based on the frequencies and length of usage, classifies the users based on activity, and helps operators understand the changes in user activity and reasons for those changes.
Viewership analysis. Unlike traditional methods of measuring viewership, TV Dissector does not rely on sampling but collects viewership data directly from the TV terminals and provides accurate viewership data related to live broadcast, based on which customers use TV Dissector to analyze and evaluate the viewership, competitiveness and programming of their channels and programs.
Play on-demand and playback analysis. TV Dissector analyzes the play on demand and playback data and helps operators understand content preferences and user viewing habits. Based on that analysis, operators adjust their content acquisitions, selection of content providers and recommendations on their electronic program guide to improve the user experience.
Product package analysis. TV Dissector provides analysis for the subscription and usage of different product packages and helps operators to optimize the performance of their product packages.
Electronic program guide analysis. TV Dissector collects data related to user visits to the electronic program guide. Our customers utilize the “heat map” feature to understand the user behaviors, use TV Dissector to analyze the page conversion rate, and improve the user experience of the electronic program guide.
User experience analysis. TV Dissector collects data related to system errors, video streaming failure, delays and buffering. Our customers use this data to identify key issues in their broadcasting and enhance the user experience by allocating resources more efficiently to resolve such issues.
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