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Ad Dissector  is our advertisement performance monitoring and optimization product. It monitors and analyzes banner, rich media and text link and other advertising formats, and leverages our core technology to provide optimization solutions. Advertisers and advertising agencies use Ad Dissector to measure performance of online advertising and allocate media resources to improve returns. The capabilities of Ad Dissector include:
User-friendly placement management. Ad Dissector guides customers through user-friendly interface to display ad performance results for any advertiser, program, media, channel, location, advertisement or dimension, with trend graphs and easy export of data.
Convenient scheduling management. Ad Dissector supports batch import of scheduling data and facilitates ad monitoring code generation with the push of a button. Project changes, such as landing pages, are made effective immediately.
Real-time data tracking. Advertising data is monitored in real time. Monitored data includes number of exposures, clicks, total price, scheduling total, IP exposures, IP clicks, individual exposure, individual clicks, page views, number of visits, average length of visit, visits per page, total orders, number of events, total value of events, and total price of orders. Ad Dissector also issues alerts for failures in execution of scheduled ad placement.
Powerful multi-source data correlation analysis. By integrating data collected by Ad Dissector and Web Dissector, customers can display customized performance indicators on the system interface, obtain conversion or sales data attributable to advertisement displays and clicks, and glean reliable data on their channels and returns on investment. They can also more accurately capture correlations between the user’s long term behavior and conversion or sales data, make reasonable assessments of the performance of cross-media advertising campaign, evaluate the value of different channels, and optimize their online businesses.
Comprehensive report configuration. Customers use Ad Dissector to configure visually powerful reports that suit their particular needs. Data can be exported easily through scheduled email functions to present fresh data as needed.
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