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Web Dissector  is our analytics tool for online user interactions with pages on customer websites. By monitoring and analyzing key performance indicators such as clicks, page views, sessions, conversion rates and sales – and doing so at every pixel on a web page – Web Dissector precisely measures the effectiveness of online promotional activities and detects click fraud. Web Dissector can easily process over 30 million user page views per day on a customer’s website, and customers typically deploy Web Dissector to measure performance on several customer websites. This pioneering product, initially released in 2009, is built entirely on OLAP structures. The capabilities of Web Dissector include:
Online operational data analysis. Web Dissector provides a comprehensive set of features for analyzing online operational data, including basic operational statistics such as number of page views, unique visitors, sessions, bounce rates and time spent on site, and derivative statistics such as user loyalty, visit frequency and monetization metrics.
Pixel-level interactive "heat maps". Web Dissector uses Gridsum’s patented webpage heat map technology to collect information associated with all mouse activity at every pixel on a customer web page and present the results in a highly interactive visualization – in which customers select any region on the web page and drill down for all operational data associated with it. Customers use this information to measure performance and optimize web page design.
Multi-dimension drill-down analysis. Customers use Web Dissector to perform multi-dimension drill-down analysis in real time and generate customized real-time analytic reports. Web Dissector leverages Gridsum’s interactive data mining of all the data items it collects, enables customers to perform in-depth data analysis for insight discovery and validation.
Click fraud detection. Customers use Web Dissector to detect and analyze fraudulent traffic on their websites. Web Dissector’s machine learning capability builds models of fraudulent clicks and automatically identifies suspect clicks. Customers then use our interactive data mining capabilities to validate whether the suspect clicks are authentic user behavior or click fraud.
Online asset assessment. Web Dissector enables customers to better understand and manage their critical online assets, such as web pages, videos, downloadable documents and visitor reviews, by providing visibility into online user visits to these assets and analyzing how each asset contributes to the overall user experience and the effectiveness of website advertisements.
User behavior analysis. Web Dissector analyzes visitor browsing behavior, including visitor identification, device information and system settings, browsing paths and on-site activities, enabling customers to analyze and drill down on factors that affect website visitor conversion rates.
Online performance optimization. Web Dissector assesses the performance of online operations based on customer-defined key performance indicators, of KPIs. It also enables customers to conduct A/B comparison tests of different web page designs. Based on these results, customers make decisions and enhance the performance of their online operations.
Online advertisement delivery and performance analysis. Web Dissector identifies and tracks each aspect of a customer’s advertisement, including location on a webpage, content, timing, media and channel of delivery, and analyzes the impact on performance of each variable.
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